February 29, 2024

KURIER, von Dominik Schreiber, October 2018 | AUSTRIA

"Wo die beste Schokolade der Welt herkommt. [...] Warum Schokolade auch mit 100 Prozent Kakaoanteil nicht bitter schmecken muss."

"Where the best chocolate in the world comes from. [...] Why chocolate doesn't have to taste bitter even with 100 percent cocoa."

February 29, 2024

Financial Times, January 2020 | UNITED KINGDOM

As he defends his organic, and sustainable credentials, Mr Corallo says: “The forest has been my greatest teacher. A plantation can develop over time only if it is in perfect harmony with the environment that hosts it, and the people living and working in it. In other words, a plantation must not be a cancer of nature but be a harmonious part of it.”